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A fitting quote from General McClellan… February 2, 2016

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General McClellan to Trump

Why do we disapprove? Well, for starters….


Obama Re-election has IMMEDIATE Consequences! November 10, 2012

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Obama already establishing the pattern of his next 4 years…

November 6: As soon as reelection announced, Obama lifts sanctions on Hamas terrorists (And so it begins…)

November 7: Dow takes biggest dive of the year (Stock Market reaction to Obama re-election)

November 8: Russian nuclear submarines found casing out US east coast (Romney was right about Russian threat!)

November 9: Petraeus resigns from Obama Administration

Obama Diagnosed as Pathological Narcissist! November 1, 2012

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Psychobiographer Ali Sina, author of Mohammed: A Psychobiography of Allah’s Prophet, has conducted an analysis of Barack Hussein Obama… and the analysis is a must-read for every American!  The first four years showed us barely anything at all of what a second term will bring out of the pathological narcissist who occupies the White House!

Read the 23-page analysis here:  Understanding Obama: The Making of a Fuhrer

Support H.Res 271 June 21, 2011

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שאלו שלום ירושלים
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
(Psalm 122:6) 

A month after its presentation on the House floor, H.Res 271, which supports Israel’s right to defend her own borders against Hamas, Iran, and other enemies, has only garnered 46 supporters in the house of Representatives!  Please write, email, or call your Congressman/woman and urge them to support this important resolution!



This Self-Defense Bill rejects Obama’s “1967 Borders” plot to make Israel’s borders indefensible and thus eradicate Israel from the earth.  It also rejects the anti-Semitic so-called “two-state solution” which serves the same evil purpose.

Support of either of these would be a violation of Scripture, and thus no true worshiper of Adonai, no true follower of the Bible could in good conscience withhold support of H. Res 271.

Genesis 12:3 “I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

Ezekiel 37:21 “Then say to them that Adonai Elohim says: ‘I will take the people of Isra’el from among the nations where they have gone and gather them from every side and bring them back to their own land.”

To find your congressional representative, follow this link:

2012 Presidential Race June 15, 2011

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BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA:  http://www.barackobama.com/

MITT ROMNEY:  http://mittromneycentral.com/

MICHELE BACHMANN:  http://michelebachmannforpresidentin2012.blogspot.com/

SARAH PALIN:  http://www.palin4pres2012.com/

Political Concerns June 15, 2011

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What are the political matters that concern Jewish Americans?

Jewish Task Force
Anti-Israel Obama

Please comment with additional links.