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ObamaScare cuts Hospice Reimbursements 12% May 18, 2014

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obamacare death and taxesHospice homes, which provide end of life care for millions of Americans across the nation, are beginning to close their doors due to the ObamaScare cuts to their cost reimbursements.  Most such homes operate at a loss as it is, but the heartless cuts will leave the millions served by Hospice organizations with no place to turn but expensive nursing homes… if they can afford that.  Further evidence that ObamaScare targets the elderly.

Hospice Home Closures:


Shutdown 2013: Another Obama Temper Tantrum! October 1, 2013

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obama-tearRepublicans don’t shut down the government… Democrats do (historically).  Throughout the Reagan years, eight shutdowns were imposed on the US public by Democratic House Leader Tip O’Neil… though most were 3 days or less and occurred on weekends.  In 1980, Jimmy Carter did it; in 1995, it was Clinton who did it… twice; and in 2013, it is once again the Democrats.  There would be no shutdown if Obama and his Democrat-controlled Senate hadn’t thrown a temper tantrum over delaying the enactment of their plagiarized Hitler Tiergartenstrasse 4 Plan (ObamaScare) that America does not want!

House Republicans have offered six budgets to the Democrat-controlled Senate in efforts to prevent and/or end an Obama shut-down… but the President has asserted he will absolutely not sign any of them, and the Senate has rejected them as well.  Furthermore, President Obama has insisted that he will not even discuss ending his shutdown unless a budget which will increase US debt by fully funding his billions-plus Tiergartenstrasse 4 Plan is agreed to.  His unwillingness to compromise his nation-bankrupting stance is clear evidence that we have a  four-year-old, temper-tantrum-throwing toddler in an office not Constitutionally occupiable by a person under 35.

This is not the Republicans’ shutdown; it is Obama’s and the Senate’s!  Put the blame where it rightly belongs!  This is Obama’s petty attempt to save his “legacy” (the reincarnation of Hitlercare)!

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