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A fitting quote from General McClellan… February 2, 2016

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General McClellan to Trump

Why do we disapprove? Well, for starters….


DDoS Assault on Jewish Genealogy Site June 17, 2014

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Jewishgen.org is a genealogy resource operated by ancestry.com.  On June 16, a yet-to-be-identified cyber-terrorist launched a DDoS assault on ancestry’s servers causing Jewishgen.org to crash, followed soon after by a crash of all ancestry-owned websites.  Late on June 17, Jewishgen.org was restored, and a few hours later the rest of ancestry’s sites (except findagrave.com) came back on line… only to crash once again within about 40 minutes.

Affected websites:

  • ancestry.com
  • archives.com
  • findagrave.com
  • fold3.com
  • genealogy.com (including genforum)
  • JewishGen.org
  • rootsweb.com

DDoS stands for “Distributed Denial of Service,” and the way these malicious attacks are carried out is through the employment of a network of 10,000 to 100,000 “bot” computers programmed to all access an organization’s servers simultaneously, causing them to crash. Becuase of the large number of sources behind the attack, it cannot quickly be resolved by simply blocking one originating ip address, as there are potentially hundreds of thousands of them that need to be blocked, which takes copious amounts of time and resources.  They eventually get cleaned up… but how long this takes is dependent on the resources available to the victim.

We trust that the issue will be resolved in time… but it is impossible to estimate when these services will be back online. Matt Drew observes,

“The longer the DDoS goes on, the more zombies are exposed, located, and taken offline, eventually draining the DDoS of its power. Consider that the U.S. government could not sustain a DDoS attack on Wikileaks for more than a week or so, even with what amounts to virtually unlimited resources.”

This is a very good reason why we should not have huge (vulnerable) monopolies: it’s too easy to wipe everything out in one fell swoop!  May justice come to the perpetrators soon and swiftly.

Re-JEW-stration Scare in Unkraine April 29, 2014

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Whoever is behind this grotesque action must be held responsible! If it is Russia, we support the sanctions; if it is Ukraine, sanction them instead. What needs to happen at this point, though, is a THOROUGH INVESTIGATION AND PROSECUTION of these war crimes and the war criminals responsible.
Re-Jew-stration flier

Holocaust Remembrance Day April 27, 2014

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never againAt sunset on April 27, every year since 1945, we take a day to remember the 4.5 million Jewish adults and 1.5 million Jewish children exterminated by the National Socialists (abbreviated Nazis) during the atrocities committed by war criminals during World War II.  We light a Yahrzeit candle in their memory, and we renew our 69-year-old vow of “Never again.”  Yet, as we come to this solemn day of remembrance, our cry of “never again” seems to all be in vain.  Many elements of the National Socialism agenda are repeating as we speak.


THEN: The Nazi agenda was put into motion with an important first step… the government had to be given control of healthcare.  This was accomplished in 1939 with the enactment of Adolf Hitler’s Aktion Tiergartenstrasse 4 plan – National Socialist healthcare.  This program allowed Germany to “treat undesirable conditions” with euthanasia (mercy killings).  Though the definition of undesirable conditions was initially limited, it eventually came to include “all genetic defects” including but not limited to mental illness, physical handicaps, and Hebrew ethnicity.

NOW: US President Obama has taken this same step, enacting  his own National Socialist healthcare program, largely copied from Hitlercare.


THEN: Once the definition came to include Hebrew genetics as an “undesirable condition,” Germany began a program of mandatory registration of all Hebrew/Jewish persons in Germany, including occupied territories such as Poland, Austria, Hungary, and the Netherlands.

NOW: Ukraine has just initiated a program of mandatory registration of all Hebrew/Jewish persons in their nation.


THEN: An anti-Semitic agenda was being preached and promoted from the pulpits of Germany – a phenomenon called Deutsche Christen orchestrated by liberal theologians (hired by Hitler) Paul Althaus, Emanuel Hirsch, and Gerhard Kittel.

NOW: An anti-Semitic agenda is being preached and promoted from the pulpits of America – a phenomenon called Chrislam orchestrated by liberal theologians (in the spirit of Hitler) including Rick Warren and Bill Hybels.


If we are serious about “Never again” – we need to be more diligent in our response against these horrendous atrocities.  Voice your outrage to the governments of the US and Ukraine, the United Nations, NATO, and anti-Semitic pastors worldwide… to keep that abominable history from repeating.

Obama not only Anti-Semitic… he has proven himself Anti-Hispanic too! April 23, 2012

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Over 1.2 million Hispanic immigrants have been deported on Obama’s watch.

This is reminiscent of another chapter of human history.

  • First he targeted the Jews… and no one took a stand.
  • Now he’s targeting the Hispanics… and no one is taking a stand.
  • Who will be next?!

Take a stand against Racism.  Vote against Barack Hussein Obama this November.

Read more: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2011/12/obamas-record-high-deportations-draw-hispanic-scorn/

Religiously-Motivated Hate Crime Stats July 6, 2011

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The FBI definition of hate crime is “offenses as a result of bias toward a particular race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity/national origin, or physical/mental disability.”

The most recent statistics currently available are the 2009 FBI stats.  Those reflect that in 2009, 1303 hate crimes were reported in the US.  Please keep in mind that motive is very difficult to prove and in most cases is never determined, thus these numbers are probably significantly lower than actual.  The FBI numbers reflect that of these 1303 incidents of religiously-motivated hate crime, 931 (or 71.45%) were committed against Jews.  Here are the numbers:

  • Anti-Jewish: 931
  • Anti-Catholic: 51
  • Anti-Protestant Christian: 38
  • Anti-Islamic: 107
  • Anti-Other Religions: 109
  • Anti-Interfaith Groups: 57
  • Anti-Atheist/Agnostic: 10
  • TOTAL COUNT:  1303 incidents
    (involving 1575 victims, 1132 of whom were Jewish)

Religiously-motivated hate crimes constitute roughly 1/5 of all reported hate crimes, which totaled 6604 in 2009.  The national average is 132 religiously-motivated hate crimes per year reported in each state (or nearly 3 hate crimes per week).  This average is exceeded in 11 states:

  1. California: 1015
  2. New York: 626
  3. New Jersey: 549
  4. Massachusetts: 322
  5. Michigan: 314*
  6. Ohio: 297
  7. Arizona: 219
  8. Colorado: 208
  9. Washington: 208
  10. Connecticut: 198
  11. Tennessee: 169

*Of Michigan’s 502 reported hate crimes, an astounding 314 were religiously motivated!

Identity of the perpetrators of these crimes:

  • 324 hate crimes were individuals acting out personal hatreds/prejudices
  • 257 hate crimes were committed by specifically hate-based organizations
  • 229 hate crimes were committed by churches or mosques
  • 168 hate crimes were committed by schools/colleges
  • 38 hate crimes were committed by commercial entities
  • 287 of the perpetrators have yet to be identified!
Statistics provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, US Department of Justice & individual state agencies.