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Who elected President Trump? November 9, 2016

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The answer is really… almost everyone who didn’t want Hillary. That includes a decent number of African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, LGBT-Americans, and even Democrats. The better question might be, “Why did they vote against Hillary?” It was most likely the fact that the majority of Americans, of all stripes, find her to be untrustworthy. Benghazi Lies DO matter!


Why Jews are Not ‘Feeling the Bern’ February 11, 2016

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bernie sandersSenator Bernard Sanders (Soc.-VT) was raised in a Jewish family… but is he himself a Jew?  Let’s examine his statements on the matter, and, of course, his halakha.

His Family

Brooklyn-raised Sanders was born to a Polish Jewish immigrant father whose family was mostly wiped out during the Holocaust, and a mother who was the daughter of Polish Jewish immigrants.[1] His brother Larry, however, says that his nuclear family was “basically secular” and did not frequently attend synagogue.[2]  Bernie Sanders has been married twice.  With his first wife, he had a son, Levi.  His second wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, came with 3 children already in tow.  She is a Roman Catholic and she raised both her own children and Bernie’s son as Roman Catholics.[3]

His Faith

Sanders has stated, “I am not actively involved with organized religion.” His brother Larry reveals further, “He is quite substantially not religious.” At his bar mitzvah, his brother recalls, “He could read a prayer in Hebrew, but not with a great deal of understanding.”[4]  Though a self-described atheist, Sanders said he finds himself “very close to the teachings of Pope Francis.”[5]  It is not the Pope’s faith, however, that Bernie feels close to, but rather his socialistic political agenda.  When Jimmy Kimmel asked Sanders, “Do you believe in god?,” Sanders’s immediate and unamplified reply was a firm “No!”[6]

His Politics

He scored a solid 0 on a Faith & Freedom Coalition report card, but a perfect 100 from the Pro-Abortion lobby NARAL.

His Record regarding Israel

Sanders joined with the Democrats in boycotting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress in fall 2015. Read more here.


In Sanders’s own words: “I’m not particularly religious.”[7] Also noteworthy is that he does not wear a kippa or tallit in public.


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Sirhan Sirhan: From Lutheran Schoolboy to Palestinian Assassin February 9, 2016

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Sirhan SirhanTuesday, February 9th, in California, 71-year-old Jordanian/Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan was once again (for the 15th time since his life sentence began) denied parole.[1]  This man, of Lutheran faith, was born on 19 March 1944 to a family from Taibeh, Jordan, then making their home in the Jewish homeland (then still known under its British Mandate name of “Palestine”) following an expulsion of rabblerousers by the Jordanian crown. His teachers at the Luther School were vehemently pro-PLO and instilled anti-Semitic hate doctrines into Sirhan as a young boy.[2]

In 1951, King Abdullah of Jordan was assassinated. According to his father Bishara Sirhan, 7-year-old Sirhan was overjoyed by the assassination a man the young boy viewed as a traitor to the PLO cause and became fascinated with studying the details of the event.[3]

On 5 June 1968, Sirhan Sirhan, then 24 years of age, shot and killed 42-year-old New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.  Kennedy had just won the California Democratic Primary election when Sirhan, outraged by RFK’s support for Israel, assassinated him.  RFK had called for ending U.S. monetary or military support to any nation which was engaging against Israel militarily (which at that time included all of the Arab nations).[4] His mother would later defend his actions, stating “What he did, he did for his (Palestinian) country!”[5] His father, likewise, came to his defense, stating, “I do not regret his death as Kennedy the American politician who attempted to gain the presidential election by his aggressive propaganda against the Arab people of Palestine.”[6]

Sirhan was caught gun-in-hand and arrested, being initially sentenced to death. In 1972, however, the U.S. Supreme Court briefly outlawed the death penalty, causing his death sentence to be altered to a life sentence in Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga.[7]  In 2013, he was relocated from his original prison to Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility near San Diego.[8]

On 2 March 1973, Black September terrorists abducted Cleo Noel, the U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and demanded the release of Sirhan Sirhan. Sirhan was not released at that time, but this event established Sirhan as being connected with Palestinian terrorism.[9]

91-year-old Paul Schrade, an RFK adviser who was one of the six men shot in the 1968 incident, appeared at the parole hearing to voice his forgiveness of Sirhan.  “I forgive you for shooting me,” Schrade told Sirhan. “I should have been here long ago and that’s why I feel guilty for not being here to help you and to help me.”[10]

Mel Ayton makes a poignant observation:

Populations are not culturally prone to hatred – they are educated toward it as studies of Nazi Germany show. The anti – semitism inculcated in German children in the 1930s and 40s remained with them into their old age and the West German government’s post-war attempts to promote anti-fascism had no effect on those who grew up during the Third Reich.

The propaganda used by Palestinians had no less an effect on the younger generations of children from the 1940s to the present day. From an early age Sirhan had been taught by educators, family members and friends that the Jews were ‘treacherous’, ‘an evil enemy’ and it was his ‘duty’ to rid Jews from Palestine. Sirhan’s generation was taught to hate, despise and fear Jews, to believe that it was not only right for every self-respecting Arab to fight the Jewish state and that it was just and desirable to destroy it.[11]


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A fitting quote from General McClellan… February 2, 2016

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General McClellan to Trump

Why do we disapprove? Well, for starters….

Abducting U.S. Military Personnel Pays Very Well! January 11, 2016

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In January 2016, Iran captured 10 U.S. Sailors… and was rewarded with over $100 Billion and 13 tons of gold by U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama! [1][2]

Every American soldier, sailor, and veteran should be up in arms over this treasonous act by the treacherous occupant of the Oval Office who is supposed to be their Commander-in-Chief!

It is not just Obama, however, who should be called out to answer for this. The deal was brokered by presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton! We may have an opportunity to inform her of our disgust at the ballot box! Let’s make sure everyone we know with any connection to the military at all knows what she and her crony Obama have done in selling out our valiant Navymen! [3]

It is a gross conflict of interest to have Hillary involved in (let alone orchestrating) negotiations with Iran, given that she is receiving enormous campaign funding from them! [4]

1. http://dailycaller.com/2016/01/31/iran-awards-medal-of-victory-to-men-who-captured-us-sailors/
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Where the Candidates Stand on Israel December 14, 2015

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Can We Trust Hillary Rodham Clinton? August 13, 2015

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Hillary Dead PeopleWitnesses to the Clinton Crime Family’s illegal activities have been dropping like flies for almost four decades.  When is enough enough?!  Here is the chronological list so far, as best as can be determined….

  1. 15 Feb 1977Suzanne Coleman, age 26, had an affair with then Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton and was 7 months pregnant with a baby she claimed was his.  She and the baby were terminated in what was claimed to be a suicide, though no autopsy was permitted to be performed.
  2. 28 Jul 1985Raymond P. Albright was found dead and ruled by Bill Clinton’s coroner Kenneth Melton and confirmed by medical examiner Fahmy Malak to have been a suicide.  The five (5) gunshots to the chest seem to be more indicative of murder, however.
  3. 3 Jan 1986Judi Gibbs, a Mena prostitute frequented regularly by Bill Clinton, died in a housefire at her home (cause of the blaze undetermined).  She was known to blackmail her more prominent clients.
  4. 1 Aug 1987James “Dewey” Milam, 49, “died of natural causes” (ulcers) according to Clinton’s medical examiner Fahmy Malak.  Milam had been decapitated, but Milam’s report supposed that the head must have been “eaten off by the family dog.” It was later found not far from the body, cleanly cut.  His death is tied to information he had on the Mena Air Drops (a drug trafficking enterprise).
  5. 23 Aug 1987Kevin Ives and Don Henry, two teens from Bryant, Arkansas, were found dead on the train tracks after having been run over by a locomotive.  A later autopsy revealed that Don had been stabbed to death in the back and that Kevin’s cause of death was that his skull was crushed before his body was placed on said tracks.  They had told authorities that they had witnessed the Clintons’ involvement in the Mena Air Drops (a drug trafficking enterprise).  Local detective John Brown stated, “We now know who killed these kids. The reason this case has been stopped is because it tracks to Bill Clinton being involved in the cover-up.”
  6. 17 May 1988Keith Coney, another witness to the murder of Kevin Ives and Don Henry, died in a fatal motorcycle accident which resulted from being chased by a car at high speed.
  7. 10 Nov 1988Keith McKaskle, a third witness to the Ives and Henry murders, was himself murdered, stabbed 113 times, by Ronald Shane Smith (convicted in Aug 1989). At least one other prison inmate had been offered a bounty of $4000 to kill McKaskle.  It was not revealed by the inmate who had made the offer.
  8. Apr 1989Jeffrey Rhodes, another informant regarding the 1987 Mena Air Drops, was killed for his knowledge of the operation. He was last seen alive on 2 Apr 1989, and his body was discovered on the 19th of that month (exact date of death not clear), severely burned with two gunshot wounds to the head.
  9. 2 Dec 1989Gregory Collins, 25, died from a gunshot blast to the face (ruled a suicide) soon after it came to light that he wanted to share information he had pertaining to the 1987 deaths of Arkansas teens Kevin Ives and Don Henry.
  10. 25 Jun 1990Jordan Ketelsen, 21, a fifth witness to the Ives and Henry murders, was shot and killed in his pickup truck.  No one was ever charged or convicted of his murder.
  11. 24 Sep 1992Paul Tully, 48, DNC political director, was found dead in a Little Rock hotel room of “unknown causes.” No autopsy was permitted to be performed.
  12. 9 Dec 1992Paula Grober, Clinton’s ASL interpreter, died in a high-speed one-car “accident.”  It is not known what, if anything, she knew about the Clintons, but she worked closely with Bill from 1978 until her death.
  13. 21 Jul 1993Vince Foster, an Arkansas attorney with intimate knowledge of the Clintons’ criminal actions with regard to Whitewatergate, was found dead (by means of a gunshot wound to the head) at Ft. Marcy Park in Washington, DC, but it was later determined that this was not the location of his death.  He was killed elsewhere and then moved to that location afterward. There was a suicide note which was later determined to be a forgery, and Foster’s fingerprints were not on the note nor on the gun used to kill him.  There was also no blood-spray on his hands, though his blood was found in Hillary’s office, the assumed location of his death.
  14. 15 Aug 1993: Jon Parnell Walker, Whitewatergate investigator, reportedly leaped to his death from his apartment balcony.
  15. 10 Sep 1993Dr. Stanley Heard, a member of Bill Clinton’s personal advisory council, died in a plane crash (the second plane he had been on that day to “develop problems” after take-off).  His lawyer, Steve Dickson, also died in that crash.
  16. 26 Sep 1993Luther “Jerry” Parks, was in his car at the intersection of Chenal Parkway and Cantrell Road in Little Rock when he was riddled with ten bullets from a 9mm semi-automatic handgun. His murder remains unsolved.  His son Gary asserts that Luther had a research file on the Clintons and was using it as leverage against the Clinton campaign.  He had worked for Hillary’s father at a company called Park-O-Meter which never made a single parking meter; its product was hollow nose-cones for planes, used by drug-smugglers.
  17. 29 Nov 1993Ed Willey, Esq., manager of Clinton presidential campaign’s finance committee and husband of Clinton sexual assault victim Kathleen Willey, allegedly committed suicide.  He was found in the woods of Virginia with a gunshot to the head.
  18. 8 Jan 1994Gandy Baugh, Esq., an Arkansas attorney working for Dan Lassater, died in a “suicide,” allegedly jumping out of the window of a multi-story building. Baugh’s law partner was “suicided” one month later on 9 Feb 1994.
  19. 1 Mar 1994Herschel Friday, Clinton fundraising manager, died in a plane explosion.
  20. Mar 1994Dr. Ronald Rogers, D.D.S.the Clintons’ dentist, killed on his way to an interview with the London Sunday Telegraph, in which he intended to reveal information pertaining to criminal activities of the Clintons.
  21. 10 May 1994Kathy Ferguson, witness against Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones case, allegedly shot herself behind the left ear and died before being able to testify in the trial.
  22. Jun 1994Trpr. Bill Shelton, Arkansas State Police, allegedly committed suicide by gunshot behind the left ear one month following the “suicide” of his fiancée Kathy Ferguson (below), which he had been vocally declaring was anything but a suicide. His body was found at Kathy’s grave.
  23. 23 Jun 1994Stanley Huggins, Esq., former law partner of Hillary Clinton, was found dead in his Memphis office, which had been ransacked.  His files were missing, and his cause of death was listed as “viral pneumonia.” Under orders from Bill Clinton, Janet Reno ordered his medical records sealed, inaccessible to his wife and other family members.
  24. 11 Nov 1994Caetano Carani, an eyewitness to a shooting near the White House, was a victim of a fatal poisoning a month before he was set to testify in the case. [1]
  25. 1996John Hillyer, NBC cameraman, participated in the Jeremiah Films production “The Clinton Chronicles” prior to dying of a “heart attack” in a dentist’s office.  Three days earlier, he had told his wife he felt his life was in danger.  He was very health-conscious and in very good health.
  26. 3 Apr 1996Ron Brown, Esq., Clinton Commerce Secretary, and 39 other passengers, including assistant Commerce Secretary Charles Meissner, died when an Air Force plane headed to Bosnia crashed. Brown had recently stated publicly that he was willing to make a deal with prosecutors in exchange for his Whitewatergate testimony against the Clintons. The very next day, Brown’s personal lawyer was murdered in a drive-by shooting. A few days after that, the Air Traffic Controller who had been in charge during the aircraft crash was found dead.
  27. 27 Apr 1996: William Colby, 76-year-old retired U.S. Central Intelligence director, was scheduled to meet with the Disclosure Project after independently investigating the alleged “suicide note” of Vince Foster and determining it to be a forgery (and publishing this in the Strategic Investment journal of which he was editor). His body was found drowned that week, just days ahead of the scheduled meeting.  His wife remarked that he always wore a life vest when canoeing, but no life vest was found on him.
  28. 16 May 1996: Adm. Jeremy Boorda, U.S. Chief of Naval Operations, was suicided just hours before a scheduled interview with Newsweek magazine.
  29. 29 Nov 1996Barbara Alice Wise, 48, a Commerce Department secretary, was found dead in a Commerce Building office, her body partially nude and bruised.  Her death was ruled “natural causes” by the Clinton Administration’s pet coroner.
  30. 7 Jan 1997Donald Joe Adams, Esq., attorney who was trying to help those who were swindled in the Clinton’s Whitewatergate deal, was found in a hospital parking lot after having been missing for five days. He had been shot to death, age 55. [2]
  31. 7 Jul 1997: Mary Caitrin “Caity” Mahoney, a 25-year-old former White House intern, prompted by the Paul Jones case, was was about to go public with her story of sexual harassment when the coffeeshop she was managing was “robbed” (though not one cent of the $4000+ on site was taken) by two gunmen who fired at least 10 shots into Mahoney and two of her employees – Aaron Goodrich, 18 and Emory Evans, 25 – killing all three.  The shop had been closed for over an hour at the time of the incident, and there was no sign of forced entry, so the gunmen must have been known to the employees or Mahoney.  It has been noted that among the regular customers of this shop were Clinton cronies George Stephenopolis, Monica Lewinsky, and Chelsea Clinton. [3]
  32. 4 Dec 1997Eric Butera, an informant who came forward offering information regarding the murder of White House intern Mary Caitrin Mahoney, was sent into an ambush situation by Federal agents and beaten to death.
  33. 2 Feb 1998Sandy Hume, reporter for The Hill magazine, died at age 28 of an “apparent suicide” just days after it came to light that he was about to break a story confirming the Clinton White House’s use of investigators to dig up dirt on critics.
  34. 8 Mar 1998James McDougal, Esq., a key witness in the case over the Whitewatergate scandal, died suddenly of a heart attack while being held in solitary confinement without access to his heart medications.
  35. 29 Mar 1998Johnny Franklin Lawhon, Jr. found a box of records relating to Whitewatergate in the trunk of a car at a junkyard.  He was going to take the box to the FBI, but was involved in a suspicious car “accident” just 1/4 mile into the trip.
  36. 1 Aug 1998Christine M. Myrzayan, a former Clinton White House intern, was beaten to death with a heavy object near Georgetown University.
  37. 22 Mar 1999Cpl. Eric S. Fox, crewman aboard Marine One (the presidential helicopter), died of a gunshot wound to the head.
  38. 16 Jul 1999John F. Kennedy, Jr., who was contemplating running for the same senate seat as Hillary Rodham Clinton, died in a suspicious accident in his Piper Saratoga plane, reportedly due to inclement flying conditions.  All witnesses, as well as weather radar, however, agree that the skies were clear at the time.  Kennedy’s wife Carolyn and sister-in-law Lauren Bessette also perished in the “accident.”  There may have been four victims in this incident, as some reports indicate Mrs. Kennedy was pregnant.
  39. 27 Jul 1999Daniel A. Dutko, 54, was the co-chairman of Leadership 2000, the Democratic National Committee’s main fund-raising effort. Campaign finance violations involving Chinese money manifested during the Clinton campaign of 1996, during his tenure as DNC campaign finance director.  He died in a bicycle accident, reportedly banging his head twice on the concrete resulting in death.
  40. Aug 1999David Drye, friend of investigative reporter and Jeremiah Films owner Pat Matrisciana, was aboard Matrisciana’s private plane when it crashed without explanation, killing Drye.  Pat Matrisciana was supposed to have been aboard, but was prevented from making that trip by a last-minute conflict.
  41. 11 Sep 2012: Four U.S. embassy staff were killed directly due to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ignoring pleas for reinforcements which had been coming in to them from Benghazi for many weeks prior.  The victims were U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty, and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith.  Stevens was the first U.S. ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1979.  The embassy archives “vanished” following this incident.
  42. 2 Aug 2015: Agt. Tyler Scott Drumheller, author of the 2012 Benghazi memos, served in the CIA for 26 years.  He conveniently (for Hillary) died at the age of 63, apparently of pancreatic cancer. Thankfully, however, his memos are already in the hands of the Congressional Special Prosecutor. [4]

Though some of these connections are tenuous, the odds of a single couple having this many unexplained deaths around them is certainly “reasonable doubt” as to the trustworthiness of either of them – Bill or Hillary.

Notes & References

  1. Deutsche Presse Agentur, “Brazilian Man who Filmed White House Shooting Dies,” The Chronicle-Telegram (24 Nov 1994), G8.
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The Legacy of Karl Marx April 23, 2015

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Compare these prominent Communist and Socialist (Marxist) Regimes from history past and present to see the striking similarities between the agendas and outcomes of the Marxist philosophy.  Note that in Communist Cuba, the Communist Party emerged as an outgrowth of the Socialist Party of the Batista Regime (and thus Marxist).

Marx's Children


PARTY: Communist Socialist (Democrat)
LEADER(S): Fidel Castro
Raul Castro
Barack Hussein Obama
MEDICINE: Socialized healthcare since 1959 Revolution Socialized healthcare since April 1, 2014
RELIGION: Marginalized religion Marginalized religion
ECONOMY: Manipulated economy Manipulated economy
IDEOLOGY: Anti-Semitic
PRAXIS: Willingness of Castro to sacrifice his own people Mass genocide of pre-born infants through government funding of Planned Parenthood slaughterhouses
TERRORISM: Castro Gov’t Gov’t. Links to ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood
CONTROL: Communist Liberal Socialist


NATION: IRAQ (1979-2003) USA (2008-2015)
PARTY: Socialist (Ba’th) Sunni Socialist (Democrat)
LEADER(S): Saddam Hussein Barack Hussein Obama
MEDICINE: Socialized healthcare since early 1970s Socialized healthcare since April 1, 2014
RELIGION: Marginalized religion Marginalized religion
ECONOMY: Manipulated economy Manipulated economy
IDEOLOGY: Anti-Semitic
PRAXIS: Genocide of Kurds, especially in Anfal Campaign of 1988 (gassing over 5000 civilians in Halabja) Mass genocide of pre-born infants through government funding of Planned Parenthood slaughterhouses
TERRORISM: Sunni Ba’th Party (Syrian origin) Gov’t. Links to ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood
CONTROL: Islamist (Sunni Ba’th) Liberal Socialist


PARTY: Socialist Socialist (Democrat)
LEADER(S): Joseph Stalin, followed by Krushchev, Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko, Gorbachev Barack Hussein Obama
MEDICINE: Socialized healthcare since 1922 Revolutiuon Socialized healthcare since April 1, 2014
RELIGION: Marginalized religion Marginalized religion
ECONOMY: Manipulated economy Manipulated economy
IDEOLOGY: Anti-Semitic
PRAXIS: Nearly 2/3 of potential population genocided; 196 abortions for every 100 live births at fall of USSR (1991). Mass genocide of pre-born infants through government funding of Planned Parenthood slaughterhouses
TERRORISM: KGB Gov’t. Links to ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood
CONTROL: Atheistic Socialist Liberal Socialist


PARTY: National Socialist (Nazi) Socialist (Democrat)
LEADER(S): Adolf Hitler Barack Hussein Obama
MEDICINE: Socialized healthcare since 1939 Aktion T4 Socialized healthcare since April 1, 2014
RELIGION: Manipulated religion Marginalized religion
ECONOMY: Manipulated economy Manipulated economy
IDEOLOGY: Anti-Semitic
PRAXIS: 14.4 million killed in mass genocide orchestrated through socialized healthcare program T4 Mass genocide of pre-born infants through government funding of Planned Parenthood slaughterhouses
TERRORISM: SS Gov’t. Links to ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood
CONTROL: “Aryan” Socialist Liberal Socialist

Do you notice any patterns here?

Let’s break from the pattern by electing a non-Marxist in 2016!

Stop the Rockets, Not the Planes! July 22, 2014

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Effective today, all air traffic from the US to Ben Gurion Airport in Israel has been halted.  Arutz Sheva has suggested that this is an “arm-twisting” campaign on the part of US President Obama to “BDS” Israel into giving in to terrorist demands.

There is one way we can say for the Obama Administration to prove this is not their motive.  Instead of stopping the planes, take part in stopping the rockets!  Aid Israel in demilitarizing Gaza… instead of continuing to fund the pro-Hamas PA regime!

Mr. Obama:  You are funding terrorism, and you know it!  America’s Jewry are not blind to this!


stop supporting hamas

Shutdown 2013: Another Obama Temper Tantrum! October 1, 2013

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obama-tearRepublicans don’t shut down the government… Democrats do (historically).  Throughout the Reagan years, eight shutdowns were imposed on the US public by Democratic House Leader Tip O’Neil… though most were 3 days or less and occurred on weekends.  In 1980, Jimmy Carter did it; in 1995, it was Clinton who did it… twice; and in 2013, it is once again the Democrats.  There would be no shutdown if Obama and his Democrat-controlled Senate hadn’t thrown a temper tantrum over delaying the enactment of their plagiarized Hitler Tiergartenstrasse 4 Plan (ObamaScare) that America does not want!

House Republicans have offered six budgets to the Democrat-controlled Senate in efforts to prevent and/or end an Obama shut-down… but the President has asserted he will absolutely not sign any of them, and the Senate has rejected them as well.  Furthermore, President Obama has insisted that he will not even discuss ending his shutdown unless a budget which will increase US debt by fully funding his billions-plus Tiergartenstrasse 4 Plan is agreed to.  His unwillingness to compromise his nation-bankrupting stance is clear evidence that we have a  four-year-old, temper-tantrum-throwing toddler in an office not Constitutionally occupiable by a person under 35.

This is not the Republicans’ shutdown; it is Obama’s and the Senate’s!  Put the blame where it rightly belongs!  This is Obama’s petty attempt to save his “legacy” (the reincarnation of Hitlercare)!

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