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US Hate Crime Centers February 28, 2015

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The Southern Poverty Law Center reported in 2013 that nearly 60% of all hate crimes in America target Jews. [1]   Where are the highest concentrations of anti-Semitically motivated violence?

  1. Dearborn, Michigan: The hometown of rabid anti-Semite Henry Ford boasts proudly that it is home to the largest population of Arab Moslems outside the Middle East… and unfortunately for HaShem’s Am Segula (Treasured People), this translates into Dearborn, Michigan being the most hostile place in the nation for Jewish people. [2]

  2. GRGrand Rapids, Michigan: Just across the state from Dearborn, we find the second most anti-Semitic city in America. This city seethes anti-Semitic replacement theology from every pore. The source of hate here is not as much Islam, though, as Calvinism (a supersessionist branch of pseudo-Christianity more closely aligned with Qu’ranic fatalism than with Biblicism). [3]”[Supersessionism is] the theology that denies that God has a future program for the nation of Israel and denies that the promises God has made to the ethnic descendants of Abraham—the Jewish people—will be kept fully and literally” (Dr. Kevin Zuber). [4]

  3. CHRISLAMChicago, Illinois: Just around the big lake from Grand Rapids, we find the third most Hitleresque city in America. Home to Barack Hussein Obama, Jeremiah Wright, and Mariusz Wdziekonski; this cespool is the American mecca of liberalism, black militantism, and neo-Naziism. [5] Here, the antagonist is largely atheistic… though Willow Creek’s advocacy for the anti-Semitic Chrislam movement now sweeping the mega-church scene also contributes. [6]

  4. New York City: Anti-Semitically motivated assaults are on the rise in NYC. In fact, they have more than tripled since 2012! As in Chicago, the motivation in NYC is liberal anti-Israel hate-politics. [7] Yes, this is the same city that was called “Hymietown” in that infamous Jesse Jackson hate-speech during the 1984 presidential campaign! [8]
    Jesse Jackson

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