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How Qassam Rockets Work… and Don’t Work July 29, 2014

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qassam rockets and human shieldsHamas/PLO’s Qassam rocket technology is really primitive. This is admitted even by Al-jazeera.*  The explosive payload is often coupled with nails or other sharp objects to maximize the damage to any children or patients that might be at or near their targets – which are always Israeli schools and hospitals.   These are usually fired from behind a “wall of human shields” to prevent their launch sites from being targeted, because they know Israel will never strike civilians, especially children.

Hamas terrorists use the cheapest “rocket fuel” possible – made of sugar and potassium nitrate (i.e. stump remover pellets), also known as saltpeter.  It functions the way that a marshmallow catching fire when making s’mores does – a quick burst of energy… thus their rockets have been nicknamed “candy rockets.”  Once the fuel ignites, it burns out quickly, causing a large number of “shortfalls” into Gaza.  This is how Hamas keeps killing their own people.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????Because of the unpredictability of this primitive “technology,” the terrorists have now resorted to building “terror tunnels” into Israel so that they can launch their candy rockets from within Israel.  They have spent at least $1.25 billion (all given to them by Obama for “infrastructure improvements”) to build their terror tunnels.

This shows where the Hamas government’s priorities are!  Killing Jewish children trumps improving Palestinian quality of life.


*As we do not wish to promote al-jazeera’s hate site, we are not linking to the story, but suffice it to say that the article we reference tries to paint the conflict as a “poor defenseless victim” Hamas with Flintstones weapons being bullied by a hi-tech sophisticated Jetsons Israel.



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