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How Qassam Rockets Work… and Don’t Work July 29, 2014

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qassam rockets and human shieldsHamas/PLO’s Qassam rocket technology is really primitive. This is admitted even by Al-jazeera.*  The explosive payload is often coupled with nails or other sharp objects to maximize the damage to any children or patients that might be at or near their targets – which are always Israeli schools and hospitals.   These are usually fired from behind a “wall of human shields” to prevent their launch sites from being targeted, because they know Israel will never strike civilians, especially children.

Hamas terrorists use the cheapest “rocket fuel” possible – made of sugar and potassium nitrate (i.e. stump remover pellets), also known as saltpeter.  It functions the way that a marshmallow catching fire when making s’mores does – a quick burst of energy… thus their rockets have been nicknamed “candy rockets.”  Once the fuel ignites, it burns out quickly, causing a large number of “shortfalls” into Gaza.  This is how Hamas keeps killing their own people.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????Because of the unpredictability of this primitive “technology,” the terrorists have now resorted to building “terror tunnels” into Israel so that they can launch their candy rockets from within Israel.  They have spent at least $1.25 billion (all given to them by Obama for “infrastructure improvements”) to build their terror tunnels.

This shows where the Hamas government’s priorities are!  Killing Jewish children trumps improving Palestinian quality of life.


*As we do not wish to promote al-jazeera’s hate site, we are not linking to the story, but suffice it to say that the article we reference tries to paint the conflict as a “poor defenseless victim” Hamas with Flintstones weapons being bullied by a hi-tech sophisticated Jetsons Israel.


#1 Supporter of Terrorism: Obama July 22, 2014

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ArrestObamaWhile Holy Israel suffers under terrorist assault, thrust into the war described in the biblical book of Obadiah, only two nations on earth have pledged any support to the “apple of G-d’s eye” — Canada and the Philippines.

Meanwhile, in Washington DC, President Obama signs an $11 billion deal with pro-Hamas Qatar and “informs” Congress that that US financial support of Hamas via the PA will continue.  Mr. Obama is a terrorist-collaborator — pure and simple!  He might as well be launching the rockets himself!  Every rocket that comes out of Gaza or Judea & Samaria is unapologetically “sponsored by Barack Obama”!

See more here:

Stop the Rockets, Not the Planes! July 22, 2014

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Effective today, all air traffic from the US to Ben Gurion Airport in Israel has been halted.  Arutz Sheva has suggested that this is an “arm-twisting” campaign on the part of US President Obama to “BDS” Israel into giving in to terrorist demands.

There is one way we can say for the Obama Administration to prove this is not their motive.  Instead of stopping the planes, take part in stopping the rockets!  Aid Israel in demilitarizing Gaza… instead of continuing to fund the pro-Hamas PA regime!

Mr. Obama:  You are funding terrorism, and you know it!  America’s Jewry are not blind to this!


stop supporting hamas

Hamas blames Hashem: “. . . their G-d moves the rockets!” July 20, 2014

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graphic courtesy of IDFHamas terrorists aim for Israel, but its rockets have hit Gaza over 100 times in 9 days. A Hamas representative complained yesterday that “our aim is okay; their G-d moves the rockets.”  One of Hamas’s misfired rockets took out the energy grid for Gaza, leaving 70,000 Arabs without power.  Another struck 4 young Arab boys playing soccer on the beach.

Why such a heavy barrage of rockets in the month of Tammuz?  Because it is also the Islamic month of Rammadan – the one month out of the year where every Muslim is considered “sanctified” or “holy,” so that they will go to heaven immediately for their martyrdom (no usual side-trip to hell for purgation).

Martyrdom has a different meaning in Islam than it does in Judaism.  In Judaism, it refers to someone dying to save others; in Islam it is a suicide which kills Jews or Christians in the process.

Praise Hashem, that He “moves the rockets!”

Israel Under Terrorist Attack July 8, 2014

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While Israel buried the bodies of three teenage boys who were abducted by Islamist terrorists and murdered in June 2014, the funeral still under way, Hamas terrorists began firing rockets into Israel.  Israel let it go.

Barely a week later, Hamas terrorists set fire to the Tomb of Yosef ben Ya’akov of Genesis 37-50 fame.  Israel let it go.

Isn’t that what we tell children who are being bullied?  “Ignore them.  They’ll stop.”  That tactic does not apply to terrorists.  They won’t stop, and they have not stopped.  They have escalated their assault.

We have lost count of how many hundreds of rockets they have fired upon Israel since the murders, carried out by another terrorist organization – ISIS.

It is time for Israel to stop turning the other cheek.  It is time for David to take out his sling and slay the Goliath Hamas.  As is Israel’s custom, civilians in Judea & Samaria and the Gaza strip have been warned that a military response is ensuing and that they need to evacuate.

Hamas, however, has ordered Arab civilians NOT to evacuate, forcing them to assemble at target sites.  Read more here: http://freebeacon.com/national-security/hamas-orders-civilians-to-die-in-israeli-airstrikes/.