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Obamacare death panels deny life-saving care to seniors over 70 October 13, 2012

Posted by usdiaspora in 2012 Presidential Race, Obamacare Death Panels, US Politics.

Obamacare, more properly called by its original 1938 title “Aktion Tiergartenstraße 4,” aka T4 (plagiarized from its original author Adolf Hitler), creates government appointed (unelected) non-medical panels to determine whether treatment is permitted based on risk assessment. One of the factors is age, and no one over 70 is allowed anything beyond “comfort care” – no life-saving treatments are permitted to be administered to those over 70 under Obamacare/Hitlercare.

Even (honest) Democrats admit this:

More details:

No one approaching 70 or who has any loved ones nearing 70 or older can possibly justify voting for the architect of this death program President Obama plagiarized from Adolf Hitler.



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