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Who elected President Trump? November 9, 2016

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The answer is really… almost everyone who didn’t want Hillary. That includes a decent number of African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, LGBT-Americans, and even Democrats. The better question might be, “Why did they vote against Hillary?” It was most likely the fact that the majority of Americans, of all stripes, find her to be untrustworthy. Benghazi Lies DO matter!


Not so fast, Newsweek! November 9, 2016

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newsweek-media-culpaWhile Newsweek is printing out this cover, Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) is calling the election for Trump. They just announced at 1:30 am EDT that with Trump’s victory in Pennsylvania, his road to the White House is secure.


Can we say, “media culpa,” Newsweek?!

Violence Erupts at Scene of Chicago Rally March 13, 2016

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Illegal ProtestChicago Democrats/Socialists banded together on March 11th in an illegal protest – a violent thug-assault resulting in the death of Black Republican Robert King Bullock, aged 37.  He was shot two times, in the abdomen and left shoulder, by anti-Trump “protesters” after leaving the scene of the violence that erupted Friday night at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Pavillion. His assailants left two protest signs on his corpse, one reading “Stop Racist Trump!” and the other bearing the accusation, “Donald Trump = KKK.”

Bullock was a chef from Evanston, a suburb of Chicago, who had recently earned an MBA degree and had dreamed of opening a restaurant. A friend of Bullock told the press, “Rob was a black man, but he supported Trump because he got tired of Democrats saying his race was the thing holding him back.”

Additionally, protesters illegally blockaded the Eisenhower Expressway and had to be cleared out by police. At least one protester shot at a vehicle, and another passing car had a brick heaved into its windshield.

Bernie victimOne Bernie supporter at the event assaulted a peace officer with a brick during the violent “protest.” Several assailants were arrested for inciting violence by both city and UIC police forces. Chicago NBC News 5 anchor Katie Kim  reported on-air Saturday that a second police officer was also injured by the protesters at the event, as well as five other citizens who were attempting to flee the violent scene.

Also victimized at this event were numerous women who were groped by Bernie and Clinton anti-ralliers who justified their actions by victim-blaming, telling the media that the women they assaulted “are racist white b-tches.” Hillary attempted to distance herself from the assailants, issuing the statement:“Violence has no place in our politics. We should use our words and deeds to bring Americans together.”

Reporter Megyn Kelly asserted regarding the event,“… his First Amendment free speech rights have been shut down.” John McCormack of the Weekly Standard echoes this, writing, “… it’s a total disgrace to the principles of the First Amendment to try and shut down somebody else’s free speech, which some of these protesters have been celebrating.”

It seems a bit ironic that those who seek to deny a presidential candidate his First Amendment rights through such violent means accuse the same candidate of Fascism. Who are the real Fascists here? Anyone who celebrates this deadly thuggery has serious problems.


Why Jews are Not ‘Feeling the Bern’ February 11, 2016

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bernie sandersSenator Bernard Sanders (Soc.-VT) was raised in a Jewish family… but is he himself a Jew?  Let’s examine his statements on the matter, and, of course, his halakha.

His Family

Brooklyn-raised Sanders was born to a Polish Jewish immigrant father whose family was mostly wiped out during the Holocaust, and a mother who was the daughter of Polish Jewish immigrants.[1] His brother Larry, however, says that his nuclear family was “basically secular” and did not frequently attend synagogue.[2]  Bernie Sanders has been married twice.  With his first wife, he had a son, Levi.  His second wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, came with 3 children already in tow.  She is a Roman Catholic and she raised both her own children and Bernie’s son as Roman Catholics.[3]

His Faith

Sanders has stated, “I am not actively involved with organized religion.” His brother Larry reveals further, “He is quite substantially not religious.” At his bar mitzvah, his brother recalls, “He could read a prayer in Hebrew, but not with a great deal of understanding.”[4]  Though a self-described atheist, Sanders said he finds himself “very close to the teachings of Pope Francis.”[5]  It is not the Pope’s faith, however, that Bernie feels close to, but rather his socialistic political agenda.  When Jimmy Kimmel asked Sanders, “Do you believe in god?,” Sanders’s immediate and unamplified reply was a firm “No!”[6]

His Politics

He scored a solid 0 on a Faith & Freedom Coalition report card, but a perfect 100 from the Pro-Abortion lobby NARAL.

His Record regarding Israel

Sanders joined with the Democrats in boycotting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress in fall 2015. Read more here.


In Sanders’s own words: “I’m not particularly religious.”[7] Also noteworthy is that he does not wear a kippa or tallit in public.


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Sirhan Sirhan: From Lutheran Schoolboy to Palestinian Assassin February 9, 2016

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Sirhan SirhanTuesday, February 9th, in California, 71-year-old Jordanian/Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan was once again (for the 15th time since his life sentence began) denied parole.[1]  This man, of Lutheran faith, was born on 19 March 1944 to a family from Taibeh, Jordan, then making their home in the Jewish homeland (then still known under its British Mandate name of “Palestine”) following an expulsion of rabblerousers by the Jordanian crown. His teachers at the Luther School were vehemently pro-PLO and instilled anti-Semitic hate doctrines into Sirhan as a young boy.[2]

In 1951, King Abdullah of Jordan was assassinated. According to his father Bishara Sirhan, 7-year-old Sirhan was overjoyed by the assassination a man the young boy viewed as a traitor to the PLO cause and became fascinated with studying the details of the event.[3]

On 5 June 1968, Sirhan Sirhan, then 24 years of age, shot and killed 42-year-old New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.  Kennedy had just won the California Democratic Primary election when Sirhan, outraged by RFK’s support for Israel, assassinated him.  RFK had called for ending U.S. monetary or military support to any nation which was engaging against Israel militarily (which at that time included all of the Arab nations).[4] His mother would later defend his actions, stating “What he did, he did for his (Palestinian) country!”[5] His father, likewise, came to his defense, stating, “I do not regret his death as Kennedy the American politician who attempted to gain the presidential election by his aggressive propaganda against the Arab people of Palestine.”[6]

Sirhan was caught gun-in-hand and arrested, being initially sentenced to death. In 1972, however, the U.S. Supreme Court briefly outlawed the death penalty, causing his death sentence to be altered to a life sentence in Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga.[7]  In 2013, he was relocated from his original prison to Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility near San Diego.[8]

On 2 March 1973, Black September terrorists abducted Cleo Noel, the U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and demanded the release of Sirhan Sirhan. Sirhan was not released at that time, but this event established Sirhan as being connected with Palestinian terrorism.[9]

91-year-old Paul Schrade, an RFK adviser who was one of the six men shot in the 1968 incident, appeared at the parole hearing to voice his forgiveness of Sirhan.  “I forgive you for shooting me,” Schrade told Sirhan. “I should have been here long ago and that’s why I feel guilty for not being here to help you and to help me.”[10]

Mel Ayton makes a poignant observation:

Populations are not culturally prone to hatred – they are educated toward it as studies of Nazi Germany show. The anti – semitism inculcated in German children in the 1930s and 40s remained with them into their old age and the West German government’s post-war attempts to promote anti-fascism had no effect on those who grew up during the Third Reich.

The propaganda used by Palestinians had no less an effect on the younger generations of children from the 1940s to the present day. From an early age Sirhan had been taught by educators, family members and friends that the Jews were ‘treacherous’, ‘an evil enemy’ and it was his ‘duty’ to rid Jews from Palestine. Sirhan’s generation was taught to hate, despise and fear Jews, to believe that it was not only right for every self-respecting Arab to fight the Jewish state and that it was just and desirable to destroy it.[11]


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What a friend we have in… Egypt?! February 5, 2016

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It was confirmed today in a session of the Knesset that when Egypt pumped water from the Mediterranean Sea into ten Hamas “terror tunnels” last week, they did so in coordination with Israel.  The two nations worked together against a common enemy – Hamas – with Israel sharing intelligence information with Egypt regarding the locations of the terror tunnels.  The joint operation was deemed a success, collapsing the ten targeted terror tunnels and identifying an eleventh.  This was confirmed by Hon. Yuval Steinitz, Israeli cabinet minister.

The terror tunnel network was built using funds provided by the Obama Administration, supposedly given to the Hamas terrorist organization (formerly known as the PLO) under the guise of a “humanitarian aid” disbursement.  While the U.S. helped build the terror tunnels, operating as an enemy to Israel; traditional enemy Egypt came to Israel’s aid in collapsing the tunnels.  May wonders never cease!

The entrance to a tunnel exposed by the Israeli military is seen on the Israeli side of the Israel-Gaza border

Hamas Terror Tunnel (image courtesy of REUTERS/Amir Cohen)


A fitting quote from General McClellan… February 2, 2016

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General McClellan to Trump

Why do we disapprove? Well, for starters….

Abducting U.S. Military Personnel Pays Very Well! January 11, 2016

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In January 2016, Iran captured 10 U.S. Sailors… and was rewarded with over $100 Billion and 13 tons of gold by U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama! [1][2]

Every American soldier, sailor, and veteran should be up in arms over this treasonous act by the treacherous occupant of the Oval Office who is supposed to be their Commander-in-Chief!

It is not just Obama, however, who should be called out to answer for this. The deal was brokered by presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton! We may have an opportunity to inform her of our disgust at the ballot box! Let’s make sure everyone we know with any connection to the military at all knows what she and her crony Obama have done in selling out our valiant Navymen! [3]

It is a gross conflict of interest to have Hillary involved in (let alone orchestrating) negotiations with Iran, given that she is receiving enormous campaign funding from them! [4]

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Trump not much of a friend of Israel January 3, 2016

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“On December 3, Trump told members of the Republican Jewish Coalition that he suspects many members won’t back him because he is rich and doesn’t want their contributions.”



“Trump declines to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel”


Where the Candidates Stand on Israel December 14, 2015

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